Carpeting Project

Carpeting project needed for your premises? Then meet RBI Group! We can include care of your carpeting on a project basis. With our extensive experience and expertise we guarantee you a beautiful floor. From Flotex to Clean-up systems and linoleum. Besides that we can provide flooring commercial and residential properties, we are also active in hotels, the healthcare sector, education and hospitality.

RBI Group is a family company known as a company known for it’s accuracy, professionality and care. Through the years, RBI Group has grown from local carpeting company to a professional European company.

Tailor-made carpeting project

A Carpeting project is different for every situation and every building. We as specialists think along with you in your needs. In addition, we are happy to advise on the project and carpeting options within your office building or home. Is there an architect involved in your project? Then this assembly is done in consultation with your architect. Depending on your needs and budget we provide the perfect floor. The available floors can be supplied including carpets, carpet tiles, acoustic flooring and custom floor designs. For the full list of flooring we offer, we refer you to the project floors page where you will find a wide range of flooring.

Quality is our top priority, therefore we work with the following brands at RBI group: Mr. Flor, Leoxx and Tarkett. This way, the high quality of the project carpeting can be ensured.

Projectstoffering voor een schitterende vloer

Besides carpeting project we are also your partner if you seek the ideal window for your office building or home. Our showroom allows you to get acquainted with the collection of flooring and window treatments. We welcome you! For more information please contact RBI group by calling: +31 (0)85 – 060 99 99.