Project Carpeteer

Looking for project carpeting for your new floor? Then you are at the right place at RBI Group. RBI Group is a family company based in Berkel en Rodenrijs. As project flooring company, RBI Group is known for accuracy, neatness and professionality. In addition, quality is our main goal. This means that we work with the best materials in a safe and error-free manner. So you can enjoy your new floor as soon as possible!

Our specialists can lay a great variety of floors with plenty of possibilities. Whatever your wishes are, we can make it reality!

Project carpeteer with extensive experience

RBI Group has years of experience in the field. That is why we can guarantee the best quality. We are also active in various markets where different types of flooring are laid. These include hotels, real estate, education and care sector. RBI group also has several floors for homes. From parquet to PVC laminate to carpet.

Every situation is different, therefore we think along with you in your needs. If you are working with an architect on the project, we also consult with the architect.

Project carpeteer in The Netherlands

Our specialized carpeteers are at your service. Even if it seems impossible, it can be made possible by RBI Group. How about your own floor design, the colors and moods of your company? Or beautiful acoustic flooring? If you are curious about what we have to offer, RBI Group welcomes you to our showroom. Also you can contact us for a quote or more information with us by calling +31 (0) 85-060 99 99 or send an email to